After almost 30 years, Internet Explorer ends today (15)

As already announced by Microsoft last year, Internet Explorer (IE) is coming to an end this Wednesday (15), after 27 years of activity. The company had already been asking organizations that still worked with the browser to abandon the browser.

From now on, all updates for browsers will be done in Edge. According to the company, the new browser is faster, safer and more modern, in addition to offering compatibility with older websites and applications.

“With Microsoft Edge, we offer a path to the future of the web, respecting the past. The change was necessary, but we didn’t want to leave behind websites and applications that are reliable and still working”, said the company when it decreed the end of IE in the last year.

browser history

Internet Explorer was released in 1995 by Microsoft, along with Windows 95. When it hit the market, the browser rivaled Netscape Navigator, which dominated the internet at the time. Less than ten years later, the browser became the most used browser in the world, with more than 90% of computers using it.

The success of Internet Explorer, which was shipped with Windows, ended up killing Netscape, which served as the stimulus for one of the biggest antitrust lawsuits in history to date. In 1998, Microsoft was sued in the United States for attempted monopoly.

The browser’s dominance began to fall after the growth of rivals such as Google Chrome and FireFox, which dominated the sector after 2010. In 2015, Microsoft replaced Internet Explorer with Edge, but the first version of the browser ended up not being so successful.

Currently, Microsoft operates in the browser market with the new Edge, which uses the same engine as Chrome and is available as standard on Windows 10 and Windows 11, in addition to having a mobile version. With the boost of the brand’s operating system, the software has already managed to beat rivals such as Firefox and Safari.

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