Belly that doesn’t go away with diet and exercise could be due to bad posture

Physical therapist says Pilates is suitable for correcting posture and also as physical activity

The famous fat “pack” that bothers so many people can be evidenced by poor posture. Even trying to eliminate localized fat with diet and exercise, this discomfort can be the result of postural addictions that we develop throughout life.

According to physical therapist Angélica Almeida, these posture vices can be acquired according to the person’s routine. “If you spend a lot of time standing or sitting, you end up acquiring postural addictions. It is difficult for anyone to remember to maintain posture in good conscience and most workplaces do not have a properly adapted structure,” she explained.

The tendency is that over time the spine bends and becomes overloaded, weakening the abdomen and showing the fat in the region. A solution to strengthen this muscle is Pilates.

“Pilates works precisely on the issue of postural muscles, especially the abdomen. All the movements you are going to make you have to focus your breathing together with the contraction of the abdomen, working the muscles and protecting the spine from an effort beyond what it needs to do”, said Angélica.

The exercises strengthen the muscles of the abdomen (Photo: Personal Archive)

The spine when it is overloaded can generate several diseases, such as scoliosis, herniated disc and among others. “So Pilates works a lot on that, not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in the prevention of future diseases and muscular disorders”, explained the physical therapist.

The professional also guarantees that Pilates can also be included in routines such as physical activity. “You put in a lot of strength, the exercises are intense. There are people who only get the result they want in Pilates, but they don’t get it in the gym. Along with a good diet, it can help a lot”.

There are no contraindications to the exercise, the audience extends from babies to the elderly. “Ideally, it should be done three times a week, but there are different packages and exercises to be done at home”, highlighted Angélica.

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