Health releases Pfizer for population-wide booster shots

The Health Department of the Federal District (SES/DF) determined that the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine can be used, in addition to the first and second dose, as a booster dose, either the third or fourth dose. The measure went into effect on Monday (13/6).

According to the document, signed by the Ministry’s Covid-19 Vaccination Operational Management Committee, the measure aims to combat the low demand for booster doses.

Previously, Pfizer was reserved for vaccinating teenagers, and vaccines from other brands were given as a booster. Now, the age groups able to receive the booster can look for the immunizer from BioNTech.

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Health also published an authorization for servers to open new vials of vaccine even at times close to the end of the day. The intention is not to miss the chance to vaccinate the population.

“From 06/13, users will also have the right to choose the immunizing agent of their choice, whether to start a regimen or for the 1st and 2nd booster dose, even if this means opening the bottle close to the unit’s closing. The increase in loss is foreseen, considering that at this moment the priority is not to miss the opportunity for vaccination, considering the high number of users who did not return for the booster”, says the circular.

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The transmission rate of Covid-19 registered the seventh consecutive high in the Federal District. This Monday (13/6), the indicator reached 1.84, that is, a group of 100 people is capable of infecting another 184. At the end of the last week, the value was 1.80.

During the weekend, the DF recorded 8,711 new cases and one death from the disease. The death was of a man, aged 80 years or older, and without any comorbidity.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the DF recorded 749,623 infections and 11,701 deaths from the disease.

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