Immediate relief! 4 natural ways to unclog your nose at home

you live with the stuffy nose and would you like to get rid of this discomfort? Know that there are ways to unclog your nose at home efficiently. All of them are very simple and effective.

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Remember that no suggestion on the list should replace the diagnosis and treatment proposed by a specialist doctor. Always go to your doctor to find out the best strategy to unclog your nose.

Discover 5 ways to unclog your nose at home

You can facilitate nasal clearance through very simple home processes. We separate 4 ways to unclog your nose easily at home. Just follow the instructions provided below.

1 – Wash your nose with saline solution

The most common and usual way is to wash the nose using saline solution. You can apply the solution with the help of a syringe that has about 10 ml or just buy a nose washer. Aim the syringe horizontally at the nose and give a continuous, medium-intensity squirt. If you prefer the nose wash, follow the product’s instructions. If in doubt, consult an otolaryngologist.

2 – Inhale eucalyptus essence

If you have an inhaler at home, just purchase some eucalyptus-based inhalation product. There is also the possibility of making a homemade vaporization with water and a drop or two of eucalyptus essence. To do this, add water in a pan (approximately 1 liter), heat it on the stove and deeply inhale the steam. Be careful not to get burned.

3 – Drink plenty of water

To ensure that the nose is always clear, drink plenty of water, about 3 liters a day should be enough. This helps to fluidize the mute and facilitate its natural elimination by the body itself.

4 – Consume more vitamin C

Vitamin C is a natural anti-inflammatory and should be consumed frequently. This can be done through foods rich in the nutrient or through supplementation. Your immune system will work much harder against illness.

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