in outbreak, motoboy is tied to a stretcher and dies in UPA do DF

A motoboy from the Federal District died, aged 33, after being admitted to the Gama Emergency Care Unit (UPA), last Sunday (12/6), in a psychotic outbreak. Antônio Marcos Pinho needed to be contained by rescuers from the DF Military Fire Department (CBMDF). The man was tied up with his arms back and face down on a stretcher. The incident happened last Saturday. Once inside the health unit, the day after he was admitted as a patient, the man died. The family reports neglect.

Images recorded by witnesses show the moment when Antônio feels sick on the street and is immobilized by firefighters. Look:

To metropolises, the victim’s family said that on Saturday (11/6) in the afternoon, Antônio went to cousin Patrick Pinho’s house and asked for help. According to the relative, the motoboy was quite restless. “He was walking and he claimed that they were after him and repeated that they did something strong to him. When we were in the car, to leave him at home, three guys showed up saying that my cousin was going to pay. When I got out of the car to protect him, he took the car and ran away”, he says.

After what happened, the cousin tried to find him around the region. However, he only had news about Antônio’s whereabouts when he learned that he had been rescued for being in an outbreak. He was asking for help at a market when firefighters were called.

When transporting the man on the stretcher, the rescuers immobilized him. The report questioned the corporation about the method adopted, but did not receive a response until the last update of this report.

“When I arrived at the UPA, he was lying on the stretcher, struggling. I tried to calm him down and stayed with him in the hallway. I wiped his nose, which was bleeding, and tried to loosen the grip of the ropes around his feet and waist. He was very breathless and couldn’t speak properly. He was beside himself,” Patrick recalls.

According to him, the cousin struggled again and the hospital staff asked the companion to leave the place. “The UPA staff kept calling us to pass on information. The next morning, I went to the place to pick him up, as I thought he would be fine. That’s when I found out he was dead. My cousin came in as a pauper and left as a pauper,” he alleges.


Family members report that it was unusual for Antônio to act the way they found him on Saturday. According to them, this was the third time that the motoboy had an outbreak.

“It was total negligence. He stayed in the hall all night, in that position. He died on the stretcher. We’re going after evidence and footage from the UPA’s security camera. How do you leave a person like that?”, asks Patrick.

unworthy treatment

The Regional Council of Nursing (Coren-DF) spoke about what happened and claimed that, as it is a psychiatric emergency, it is necessary to assess the context that led to Antônio’s death.

“The information available so far does not allow us to conclude what happened. The case needs to be rigorously investigated. From the simple image, it can be concluded that this is not the most appropriate way to immobilize a patient”, claims Coren.

“In addition to being uncomfortable, it can harm the person’s blood circulation. This type of approach should be humanized and professional. No one deserves to be treated in an undignified way.”

What does Iges-DF say?

Through a note, the Institute of Strategic Health Management of the Federal District (Iges-DF), responsible for the administration of the UPA do Gama, reported that it received a patient mechanically restrained by Samu due to psychomotor agitation and extreme aggression.

“Such conduct, although shocking, is sometimes necessary until the desired effect of medications that control aggression (chemical restraint). He was promptly attended to at the UPA, and all clinical measures were taken for medical care”, says the institute.

According to Iges-DF, Antônio was admitted to the UPA Gama, classified in orange, showing disorientation and referred to immediate care where medications were administered and medical care was provided. “During the shift, he presented a lowering of the level of consciousness where he progressed to Cardiorespiratory Arrest, around [sic] 1:20h, where he was promptly assisted with Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation maneuvers for 56 minutes and Oro Tracheal Intubation”, he explains.

“It is worth noting that the Iges-DF sympathizes with the pain of the family, but reinforces the need for the necessary investigations, including the final autopsy report, to form a final medical opinion on this occurrence, given the records of events that preceded the arrival. the patient to the UPA”, concludes the organ.

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