Low adherence to flu vaccine worries experts

According to the latest data released by the State Department of Health (SESA), Paraná reached, in two months, only 53% of flu vaccination coverage. The goal, according to the Ministry of Health, is to immunize 90% of the target audience. The low adherence to the vaccine worries experts and health authorities.

flu vaccine
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The dose is responsible for immunization against the influenza virus and is capable of protecting against serotypes A, known as (H1N1) and (H3N2); and B, which has no subtypes.

According to the Secretary of State for Health, César Neves, vaccination against influenza prevents patients from developing more serious conditions, with complications that can lead to death.

“When we are vaccinating, we are acquiring immunological protection and protecting the people who live with us on a daily basis. We have a low vaccination coverage that has been getting worse in the last five or six years and that has become a much more critical scenario due to the pandemic”, he said.

In the Unified Health System (SUS) the vaccine is available in the trivalent version and in the private network the tetravalent version. The nurse specialist in vaccination, Kátia Oliveira, highlights that with the winter and the increase in cases of respiratory diseases there is a concern about the situation of hospitals.

“It is necessary to warn about this low adherence and the risk of contamination and complications from respiratory diseases, thus increasing the queues in hospitals and the overcrowding in emergency care, since we are entering a very cold period and there is a tendency for these people who have low immunity end up contaminating themselves and progressing to hospitalization”, he told Banda B.

Kátia recalls that the Brazilian Society of Immunizations points out that the situation represents an even greater alert for groups considered at risk.

“We can consider that children, the elderly and the immunosuppressed are the risk group. These are the people hardest hit when immunization does not reach a considerable number of vaccinated,” she pointed out.

In Curitiba, the vaccine is available in the private network and in 107 health units throughout the city for all age groups.

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