Sonic Frontiers Reveals Inspiration From Paramount Films

The success of Paramount’s Sonic films will ultimately be generating inspiration for the games, as the Sonic Frontiers director reveals.

During an interview for the IGN, Morio Kishimoto says that the combat and racing system of Sonic Frontiers is clearly inspired by the first film of the sonic.

“The first movie really took me by surprise. We were focused on the way Sonic should run, jump and fight within our games, but the movie showed us a whole new approach. We see him as an interpretation of Sonic, who became a huge inspiration for the development of Sonic Frontiers.”- Says Kishimoto.


An experience like never before, accelerate to new heights and experience the thrill of high speed open zone freedom. Fight powerful enemies as you speed through the Starfall Islands – landscapes filled with dense forests, overflowing waterfalls, scorching deserts and more!

Another important factor: Sonic Frontiers will be the first game in the franchise with Portuguese subtitles. It is hoped that news will be released soon.

SEGA’s original idea was for this game to be part of the celebration of Sonic’s thirty years in 2021. However, the studio decided to delay the release to increase the quality of the product.

Sonic Frontiers will have versions for Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox one, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PRAÇA.

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