Sony resurrects Walkman as a gold-plated MP3-player for R$18,000

How much would you pay for a Walkman? Not the one from the 80’s, for listening to cassette tapes, but the newest MP3 model released by Sony in the USA. As part of the Signature line, it costs no less than US$3,700 (or around R$18,000).

The rationale is that it is aimed at “audiophiles” — music superfans who value high-quality, high-fidelity sound reproduction.

O NW-WM1ZM2 Its body is gold plated with 99.99% purity, without oxygenation of materials. According to the company, this provides a stronger and more rigid digital terrain, allowing for a clearer and more expansive sound, allowing the listener to hear each instrument as if it were being played live.

Internally, it runs a modified Android 11, with a system adapted for music playback. It offers 256GB of internal storage and supports up to 32-bit audio and 384 kHz, in formats like MQA and WAV. If music runs on 96kHz, the battery holds up to 40 hours without recharging.

Gold out, aluminum in

Sony has also launched a more “affordable” handset. Like its “luxury” counterpart, the NW-WM1AM2 also has 5-inch screen and HD resolution, but it costs US$ 1,400 (about R$ 7,100).

Its structure is made of aluminum, which, according to the manufacturer, provides a highly rigid box, resistant to electrical noise and other interference, creating a stable and high quality sound.

The capacity is only 128 GB, which, for a device aimed exclusively at high-quality music, can be considered little. But there is support for micro SD.

Both players support streaming services with features like lossless, which improves sound quality.

* with information from Engadget

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