These are the drinks to stay away from if you have anxiety

It is often said that anxious people do not live in the present, as they are always looking forward to future possibilities. This ends up creating a lot of tension and stress. Treatment may involve relaxation techniques, therapies and medications.

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However, it is known that there are triggers that can contribute to the worsening of crises, among them are food. With that in mind, in this text we are going to present 6 drinks that increase anxiety and that you should stay away from!

6 drinks that increase anxiety

1 – Alcoholic beverages

Drinking alcohol to relieve anxiety or simply in an attempt to relax is not a smart decision. That’s because alcohol modifies brain neurotransmitters such as serotonin, which at first promotes a feeling of exaggerated joy, followed by sadness and strong anxiety.

The limbic system responsible for regulating emotions also undergoes changes that can generate emotional out of control, oscillating between happy, sad and anxious feelings.

2 – Caffeinated drinks

Although it significantly increases energy, produces a feeling of well-being and helps with alertness, excessive consumption of caffeine-based drinks causes many problems such as increased nervous state and worsening anxiety in people susceptible to the problem.

Therefore, people who drink coffee need to always monitor their consumption to avoid producing side effects.

3 – Soft drinks

Both regular sodas and diet versions exacerbate symptoms of anxiety and depression. A survey conducted on 250,000 people in the United States, and presented by the American Academy of Neurology, found a relationship between depression and alcohol consumption. One option is to replace it with lemon-flavored water.

4 – Energy drinks

Health experts often advise people who suffer from depression and anxiety to avoid consuming energy drinks. This is because they exacerbate the symptoms. People who suffer from these problems when consuming high amounts of energy drinks may have tremors, tachycardia and insomnia, symptoms also related to anxiety.

5 – Industrialized juices

These food products contain many colorings, preservatives, flavorings, sodium and sugars that do not benefit the body. Research carried out, categorically state that the consumption of sugar without moderation worsens the symptoms of those who suffer from depression and anxiety.

6 – Fruit juices

The recommended thing for those who suffer from anxiety is to consume whole fruits that have good amounts of fiber that alter the absorption of energy by the blood. When juice is removed from the fruit, many fibers are lost, leaving only fructose levels that increase blood glucose peaks, which, among the consequences, worsen anxiety symptoms.

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