Viçosa: action by the Public Ministry asks for the adequacy of vaccination rooms

The Public Ministry of Minas Gerais (MPMG) filed a Public Civil Action (ACP) requesting the adaptation of the cold chain and vaccine rooms in the municipality of Viçosa, in Zona da Mata. The Public Prosecutor’s Office for the Defense of Health in Viçosa established the PA – Public Policy Monitoring No. .

In this procedure, the non-compliance with the provisions of RDC Anvisa nº 197/2017 was found, given that the municipality’s vaccination service is not adopting effective means for storing vaccines, ensuring their conservation, efficacy and safety, even in the face of failures in the vaccine. electricity supply.

The health authorities of the State Department of Health of Minas Gerais (SES-MG) reported by means of a letter the existence of irregularities in the vaccine rooms in the municipality of Viçosa, which may compromise the conservation of immunobiologicals available to the population.

In view of this, on June 10, an action was proposed with a request for an injunction, which requires the adoption of the following measures to be imposed on the municipality of Viçosa:

– adequacy of the facilities of establishments that perform the vaccination service so that they have, at least: a reception area dimensioned according to demand and separate from the vaccination room; Restroom; and vaccination room, with sink, bench, table, chair, easy-to-clean thermal box, exclusive refrigeration equipment for storing and preserving vaccines, place for storing materials for administering vaccines, containers for disposal of sharps and biological waste, stretcher and moment thermometer with extension cables for the thermal boxes;

– implementation of effective means for storing vaccines, ensuring their conservation, efficacy and safety, even in the face of a failure in the supply of electricity;

– use of properly calibrated instruments that allow continuous monitoring of the maximum and minimum temperatures of the equipment intended for the conservation of vaccines, with a daily record.

The action is being processed by the 2nd Civil Court of the District of Viçosa.

No. 5004653-49.2022.8.13.0713

Information from the Public Ministry of Minas Gerais – MPMG

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