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Accident involving seven
Path was unable to brake and hit other vehicles (photo: Gladyston Rodrigues/EM/DA Press)

The life of the driver who tries to leave Belo Horizonte on the Corpus Christi holiday is complicated. An accident on the Anel Rodovirio involving seven vehicles blocked two lanes of the Anel Rodovirio, towards Vitria, this Thursday morning (06/16).

According to Major Frederico Roberto Prado, commander of the 1st Company of the Military Highway Police, the PRF was responding to a collision involving a road and a passenger car on the Ring, near Shopping Del Rey, in Caiara, in the Northwest Region of the capital.

During the service, the police stopped traffic and the Ring was briefly interdicted. However, one truck failed to brake in time and collided with the other six vehicles that were stopped on the road.

According to the Fire Department, the driver of the way was trapped in the cabin of the truck, but managed to get out with only minor injuries. There are no serious victims and no one needed care.

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Natan Melo, 53 years old, was in one of the vehicles involved in the accident and said he was already stopped, waiting for the police to attend the accident ahead, when the collisions happened. “Glad there was no casualty. Only material damage,” he said.

Srgio Ferreira Ribeiro, 57, an app driver and said it was the first time he was involved in an accident on the Anel Rodovirio.

“The path was fast. Traffic stopped and he didn’t. I’m shaking even now. I go here every day, this has never happened to me. Today I was born again.”

Due to the occurrence, the Federal Highway Police diverted the traffic to the marginal.

On the other side of the road, towards Rio de Janeiro, another accident happened involving three passenger cars.

The drivers slowed down to keep up with the oncoming lane and ended up crashing. There is no record of injuries.

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