Adryana and Albert, Brenda and Matheus and Ivy and Nandinho are in the sixth DR of Power Couple Brasil 6 – Power Couple Brasil 6

The sixth DR of the season is formed and three couples face each other for the public’s preference in the

The hot seat was defined in an open vote that took place on the night of this Wednesday (15) and repeated the same formation as last week, when the DR was cancelled.

The directions of this hot seat began to be shaped in the Prova dos Casais, which tested the speed and attention of the participants, who faced a circuit in an inflatable toy. Karol and Mussunzinho had the best performance in the challenge and won the Casal Power position of the week. Albert and Adriana did not do well in the test and secured a place in the DR.

The second place went to Ivy and Nandinho, who had the worst balance of the week, just R$1,000. Completing the trio of couples are Brenda and Matheus, who received five votes from Mansão Power, two more than Eliza and Hadballa. The Special Power of Casal Power did not affect the course of the game, because Karol and Mussunzinho multiplied the votes received by Bretheus by two.

Thus, Adryana and Albert, Brenda and Matheus and Ivy Nandinho form the sixth DR of the season.

Under the command of Adriane Galisteu, the Power Couple Brazil 6 airs from Monday to Friday at 10:45 pm; and on Saturdays, at 10:30 pm, on the Record TV. Access the PlayPlus and stay on top of everything that goes on in reality for couples.

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