After discovering betrayal, Jô’s wife announces the end of the marriage

After the LeoDias column revealed firsthand the pregnancy of the lover of former Corinthians Jô player, Cláudia Silva, the striker’s ex-wife used social media to announce the end of their marriage. The statement was made after Maiára Quiderolly used social media to confirm that the child she is expecting is Jô’s and expose a message sent by Cláudia.

“I tried to be strong as long as I could, I fought for my marriage as far as I could, I’m not feeling like a failure, on the contrary, I’m feeling victorious because I wrote a beautiful story, I have two beautiful children, I got married, I did everything right. I did everything a woman dreams of doing and he lost. I didn’t miss anything. So, please, don’t talk about it with me anymore”, said the attacker’s ex-wife.


Cláudia also left a written message in her stories after ending her speech crying and stated that she never intended to break up with Jô, but after the betrayal she had no way of maintaining the relationship: “No one marries to separate. I come from a traditional home, where love and unity never lacked. My parents stayed together “until death did them part” and I thought it would be no different for me (…) Until the betrayal collapsed our structure and we were no longer a couple”.

Cláudia Silva also said that she will be out of social networks for a while until the matter cools down. The woman also emphasized that Jô and she are no longer married and stated that the responsibility for the mistress’s pregnancy is entirely the attacker’s.

Messages sent to lover

After revealing all the details involving the pregnancy and the relationship she had with Jô, Maiára Quiderolly exposed messages that were sent by Jô’s ex-wife. In them, Cláudia Silva calls her ex-husband’s lover a slut and stated that she would never hide her son’s father: “You are a slut, play this dirty game, I would never hide my son’s father. Even if he was married! You bitch, learn to be a woman.”

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