After years of marriage, Boninho separates from his wife and leaves a daughter

cute is one of the greatest directors of Brazilian TV, but he also stands out and draws the public’s attention by opening his intimate life on social networks, thus becoming a celebrity. However, he also went through ups and downs in life until he reached his best outcome with Ana Furtado.

Boninho has dealt with breakups in his life. In 1983, he married Narcisa Tamborindeguy and stayed with her for three years. Together they had an heiress, Marianna and after the divorce he chose to leave her with her mother.

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Even with the end, Boninho and Narcissa maintained a good friendship relationship, as they both wanted the best for the heiress. “With him, my relationship is one of respect and we live each in our own square. We are well-resolved people”said the famous, in an interview with Jornal Extra.

A few years later, Boninho found love again by meeting Katia D’Ávila. They got married in 1995 and had Pedro. But this relationship didn’t last either.

It was only in 1996 that Boninho met Ana Furtado and realized that her feelings were more than just friendship. Therefore, the famous separated from Kátia and began to relate to the presenter of É De Casa.

Boninho and Ana Furtado completed 22 years of marriage (Photo: Reproduction)
Boninho and Ana Furtado completed 22 years of marriage (Photo: Reproduction)

Currently, Boninho and Ana are experiencing the best outcome of their relationship, demonstrating that they were born for each other. From one of the most beloved couples in the public, was born Bella Furtado, but unlike her half-siblings, she appears a lot on social media.

In 2022, Boninho and Ana Furtado celebrated 22 years of marriage and exchanged declarations of love on social media.

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“Ana is my safe point, my friend, companion, my passion. She makes me feel good and makes me smile. We dance, train and have fun together. She is the love of my life, my light. I love waking up next to her and miss her when I’m away”, wrote Boninho.

Ana Furtado spoke about their first meeting: “On that date, in 1996, Boninho and I met. Our meeting was special at first. And from that day forward, we were never apart.”

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