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Atletico arrived yesterday to the fourth consecutive game without winning in this Brasileirão. Faced with Ceará, at Castelão, a 0-0 tie and Galo cannot climb the leaderboard. On the contrary, he sees Palmeiras with the possibility of opening seven points of advantage today. Previously a candidate for the title, the Minas Gerais team is not even in the G4.

On Twitter, some fans mentioned the name of Renato Gaúcho as a possibility to replace Mohamed. At the same time, many others ‘turn up their noses’ and do not see him as the best alternative.

It is worth remembering that before Cuca’s return, in 2021, Atlético came to negotiate with Renato Portaluppi, but there was no agreement between the parties. At the time, much was said that there was a heartache on the side of the Rooster with the coach.

Last Tuesday, before the match against Ceará, businessman Ricardo Guimarães, an important figure in Atlético’s daily life, was asked about Portaluppi, who is free on the market. According to him, there would be no personal impediment that could hinder an eventual attack on Renato.

“This business of resentment, people are… if one day we have resentment, we get upset, it passes. We are used to the business world, you can’t let something personal harm something…If Renato Gaúcho is a technician to be hired, he will be hired, nothing will stop him. Today, luckily, we are very satisfied, we have a coach, we are not thinking about it these days. Turco does a good job, Atlético had some mishaps along the way, but we also cannot believe that everything is his fault. We are all involved in the project. So, he has a share in the mishaps, the 4Rs too, the president, vice president, Rodrigo Caetano, players, in short, we all win and lose”, says Ricardo to journalist Breno Galante.

“We are not going to let it be Renato Gaúcho or anyone else, something of a personal nature, to harm the institutional part. If someone had been upset with Renato Gaúcho for not coming, it would have been very good, because Cuca came and it couldn’t have been better (laughs). There’s no regrets. His work will be evaluated by what he does on the field, he is a great coach of Brazilian football”, he added.

Renato Gaúcho has been without a club since leaving Flamengo at the end of last year.

Alert signal on

On leaving the field, Everson admitted concern for Atlético’s bad moment. For him, the warning signal is on and the reaction needs to be immediate.

“Obviously, a team that wants to fight for the title, which is our intention, if we don’t win four rounds is worrying. Turn on a warning signal,” he told Premiere.

At the same time, Turco Mohamed is on the tightrope. The pressure from the crowd for the dismissal is growing on social media. It remains to be seen whether it will be kept until Sunday. As Keno had said, Everson agrees that players need to share responsibility.

– We have to bring responsibility to us. Not just for the teacher. We have to take responsibility on the field, so that a little criticism comes out of it, and we can be more responsible for our actions on the field.

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