Bruna Karla is detonated by Gil do Vigor

In an interview with Karina Bacchi, gospel singer Bruna Karla said she refused to sing at a friend’s wedding because of his sexual orientation. Bruna did not accept the invitation because it was a same-sex marriage. The singer also advised the boy to have a relationship with “a woman full of the power of God”, justifying that by marrying another man the boy would be “choosing the path of eternal death”.

To my dear homosexual listeners, what God has for your life is deliverance. What God has for your life is what he has dreamed of for you. Receive all my love, my respect, because Jesus didn’t dream this for you. There at the trial, when Jesus returns, if he is, he will say ‘wow, Bruna walked with me, she knew I was wrong, that the path I was choosing was eternal death’. I get emotional because if we open our mouths to say you’re not going to heaven… Guys, it’s eternal death, hell! Can you imagine living in eternal damnation? You will live that forever. Ended. It’s terrible. That place is horrible spoke the singer

Bruna Karla’s speech earned a series of criticism on social networks, including some personalities. Gil do Vigor commented on his twitter: “In fact, when Jesus appears someone will be ashamed and it’s not your gay friend but you for your prejudiced attitude! John 14 says that God calls us friends and the word friend is too strong to be sustained based on prejudice and lack of love for others”, he posted.

What did Bruna Karla’s ‘friend’ say?

Journalist Fabia Oliveira, in her column ‘Em Off’, from iG, talked to Youtuber Bruno di Simone, named as the friend Bruna Karla mentioned in the interview. According to him, the singer did not act the same way personally.

“Actually, it was because of the pandemic and my move to São Paulo. There wasn’t a big distance. We always talked. What I had no idea, was that she talked about me like that behind my back, because in front the speech was another. He even stated that he would be at my gay wedding, he just wouldn’t sing”, he revealed.

The youtuber said that, even after the episode, he followed Bruna Karla’s friend, but that they are currently estranged. Upon receiving the video, the boy contacted Karina Bacchi to obtain a right of reply on the podcast. According to him, the blonde did not respond to the attempts and blocked him. Bruno says that the matter will be dealt with in “judicial sphere”.

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