Claudia Raia is in tears because of the end of her marriage and is rescued

Claudia Raia confessed that she suffered a lot with the separation from actor Edson Celulari, and had to take antidepressants.

In a conversation with Ana Maria Braga at Mais Você, the artist spoke about this divorce. In the year 2021, the plot Ti Ti Ti was returning to the screens of the channel and the occasion that she performed the soap opera was right on the occasion that she divorced Celulari.

Claudia Raia played the iconic Jaqueline Maldonado, and behind the cameras, she needed to be helped by Nicette Bruno. “I was going through a very confusing moment, I was separating from Edson. A moment of separation that is not at all pleasant and, thank God, I’m always playing a character that saves me from those moments”, said Claudia Raia.

“I was playing a comedy character that helped me a lot,” said the actress. Because of the medication, she was quite insecure in filming the plot. “I was taking antidepressants and [por conta do remédio] I got that average thing and I couldn’t trigger my emotions”, he commented.

Claudia Raia tells everything

“I had a very difficult scene where I went into a super comedy tone and, in the middle of the scene, I had a deep crying crisis”, he reported. However, at the core of the soap opera there was a very special and kind person and that person was Nicette Bruno. “I was very distressed, afraid of not being able to handle it and Mrs. Nicette was by my side to enter the scene with me”, commented Claudia Raia in the chat.

“She said, ‘What is it, daughter? You are distressed. I said, ‘Yeah, I’m afraid I can’t handle the scene and I’m not able to trigger my emotions’. She took my hand and said, ‘Calm down, because everything you’ve built is inside you. This character is made by you. You created it, so your emotions are all there. Relax and let them come.’ That was a balm and it all worked out,” she explained.

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