Commentators fear that protest will affect the psychological already shaken of Botafogo players

During this Thursday’s “SporTV News” program, journalists raised the debate about the practical influence of the protests held this Wednesday in Botafogo CT by members of the organized Fúria Jovem. For Luiz Teixeira, the episode tends to further aggravate the psychological issue that has already been a problem in recent games.

– Against Avaí, after the goal, the team reacted very badly psychologically, and this was happening whenever the team conceded goals. If on the field the players are not reacting well when they take the goal, what is the reaction that we can expect from the players in the matter of concentration knowing that if you lose scenes like these they would be repeated? It is very complicated to demand something or try to analyze something after that – said Luiz Teixeira.

For commentator André Loffredo, a possible victory for Botafogo against São Paulo this Thursday can even be seen from a negative point of view after the intimidating protests that generated a police report by the club.

– It is a great opportunity for São Paulo. If Botafogo reacts, it’s terrible… Not that the player has to go softly to lose, I don’t even think that will happen, but I don’t know what the impact is on the player’s motivation. There are fans who think that with that, the player will enter with more desire. I think the player thinks, “What hole did I get myself into? How do I get out of this?” – opined Loffredo, continuing:

– What scares me first is that this situation happens in a club with theoretically more professional management than the others. The club says there was an invasion, the fans say they were invited, and Botafogo even made a report. Either Botafogo’s administration is not that professional, or we have another very serious police case,” said Loffredo.

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