Company will pay $2,000 to anyone who releases 100 cockroaches at home

posted on 06/15/2022 18:18

  (credit: Playback/Pixabay)

(credit: Playback/Pixabay)

An American company is offering US$ 2,000 (about R$ 10,000 reais) to anyone who allows 100 cockroaches to be released into their homes. The goal of The Pest Informer, based in North Carolina, is to test the effectiveness of a “specific pest control technique”.

The idea is that up to seven people will be selected for the study after enrollment. Those selected would release the 100 cockroaches at home for 30 days and allow the insect control action to be carried out and filmed.

The cockroach study has only a few stipulations: it requires written approval from the owner, who must be at least 21 years old, and the house must be located somewhere in the US.

During the 30-day process, homeowners are prohibited from using other pest control techniques. However, as the company presents a new product, on an experimental basis, if the cockroach infestation is not contained, the promise is to adopt ‘traditional measures’ at no extra cost to participants.

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