Débora Nascimento remembers separation and celebrities support Thaila Ayala after outburst

Débora Nascimento made a comment and celebrities supported her (Photos: Brazil News and AgNews)

Débora Nascimento made a comment and celebrities supported her (Photos: Brazil News and AgNews)

Thaila Ayala’s outburst about her husband receiving hundreds of nudes on Instagram has reverberated on social media. In the publication, the actress said that she has seen many “families destroyed” because of this “lack of respect”. That’s when Débora Nascimento, who split from José Loreto in 2019, left an intriguing comment: “You really saw it happen up close,” she wrote.

At the time, the alleged betrayals of Loreto, who was in the soap opera “O Sétimo Guardião”, came to light. Marina Ruy Barbosa was cited as the pivot of the divorce and some say that she and the actor exchanged hot messages, but the presence of nudes had never been addressed. The separation was a scandal, several celebrities spoke out at the time and the internet was all about it.

famous united

In order to prevent the same from happening to Thaila Ayala and Renato Góes, some celebrities left comments in support of the actress on Wednesday (15). Most said they go through the same thing and don’t understand what makes someone send nudes to married men.

Actress Paloma Bernardi, who ended her relationship with Dudu Pelizzari in March, said that she also thinks this is wrong. “Absurd! There is indeed this type of woman. Brats who do not respect each other and do not respect the relationships of others. Aff”, she published, indignantly.

Flávia Viana, Marcelo Zangrandi’s fiancee, wrote that she goes through the same thing at her home. “I also wanted to understand. I also see absurdities and my mouth is open.”

Wife of Leandro Lima, who played Levi in ​​”Pantanal”, Flávia Lucini had a baby a few days ago and committed to reading the responses of Thaila’s followers to see if she could find any justification for such a lack of respect. “It really is absurd! I would also like to understand what goes on in these women’s heads,” she said.

Giovanna Lancelotti, first lady of Carnival, was another who left her support. She has been dating Gabriel David since August 2021.

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