Dom and Bruno: Deaths reverberate around the world and further devastate Brazil’s image

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THE confession authored by murders from the british journalist Dom Phillips and the indigenist Bruno Pereira by one of the men arrested by the Federal policewhich took place in the region of North Watchtower (AM)in the Amazon jungle, had repercussions around the world and devastated even more the image of Brazil in the international community.

Already isolated in the foreign relations scenario, the macabre episode unveiled in the four corners of the Earth the necropolitics of the government of Jair Bolsonaro, a declared supporter of illegal activities and criminals in the Amazon and that still blamed the victimswith unreasonable and outrageous statements, for the violence suffered.

At Europethe case of the confirmation of the death of Dom and Bruno made headlines in Le Soleil, in Ouest-France and in France24, of the FranceThe Guardian, the Daily Mirror, the Independent and the BBC, from UKZeit and Deutsche Welle, from Germanyat Il Post and at AGI, at Italyin the RSI of Switzerland and El País and La Vanguardia, from Spain. already in Latin Americathe highlight was given by Clarin and La Nación, from Argentinawhile we USA the news was carried in several vehicles, such as the Washington Post, CBS News, the Los Angeles Times and the New York Post.

THE France24 recalled what the Amazon region has become with the policy of support for organized groups promoted by the current government, saying that the forest “has become, in recent years, a strategic hub for drug trafficking gangs that transport cocaine or marijuana by river. produced in the neighboring countries of Brazil, in particular Colombia and Peru”, and also repeated the words unbelievable by Jair Bolsonaro playing the blame of the terrifying case of the British journalist Dom Phillips, who for the president was at risk because he had written “many articles against miners, about the environment”.

THE Agenzia Giornalistica Italia (AGI) reported, still on the case of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira, that it was necessary to contextualize that “far-right president Jair Bolsonaro, who is in favor of mining and agricultural exploitation of indigenous reserves in the Amazon, has been heavily criticized for describing the expedition of men as an unpleasant adventure.” The Italian vehicle also showed the reaction of former President Lula, who said it was all “very sad”, in a diametrically opposite to the statements of the current representative.

O Washington Post stressed the words hard and inhumane of the extremist Brazilian president, who even in the face of drama preferred to say that “in that region, if they killed both of them, I hope not, they are in the water and there will be little left in the water, the fish eat, and I don’t know if there are piranhas there in Javari”, also repeating the aggressive statements about Phillips having made articles that denounce organized crime in the Amazon area.

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