Driving can be up to 60% cheaper for THESE vehicles

Because inflation, which continues to grow, it is increasingly common for people to seek more economical alternatives for transportation that go beyond motorcycles and cars. One of these vehicles is the electric scooters. To give you an idea, in 2022 alone, sales of the product rose 878% more compared to 2021.

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The so-called “motorbikes” are ideal for those who don’t care about power: they rarely exceed 50km/h. Despite this, they still require the driver to have the Authorization to Drive Moped (ACC).

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How much does it cost to get an AAC license today?

Currently, to take the AAC, the driver must take medical exams, 20 hours of theoretical classes, take a legislation test, do 5 hours of practical classes, in addition to performing a practical test. Considering all these steps, it is not cheap to obtain such a license. Look:

  • Medical and psychological assessment: BRL 228.58
  • Theoretical and practical classes: BRL 471.2
  • Theoretical and practical tests: BRL 87.92
  • Fees: BRL 116.50
  • Total: BRL 904.20

Project proposes reduction in AAC qualification

Considering that the costs to obtain an ACC are high, a project is being processed in the National Congress that proposes to reduce costs for those who need to obtain this type of qualification. This is PL 1163/21, by federal deputy Augusto Coutinho (Republicans-PE).

According to the parliamentarian, the idea is for drivers to be able to drive this type of vehicle on a regular basis, in the awareness of the importance of rights and duties in traffic. If the reduction is approved, the forecast is that the process of obtaining the ACC qualification will be up to 60% cheaper.

See how it might look:

  • Medical and psychological assessment: BRL 228.58
  • Fees: BRL 116.50
  • Total: BRL 345.08

It is important to note that those who already have an A card do not need an AAC. However, the idea is that novice drivers have much easier access to vehicle licenses. scooters after the bill’s approval in the Senate, House and presidential sanction.

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