English teacher arrested for sexually abusing five child students in Beberibe

An English teacher was arrested in Beberibe on suspicion of sexually abusing at least five students. The victims are between six and nine years old, and they study in a private school of the city. The man, whose identity has not been revealed, has been investigated by the Civil Police of Ceará since his parents reported him.

According to the chief delegate of Beberibe, Anna Scotti, the arrest took place this Wednesday (15). The delegate says that, according to reports from the children’s parents, the victims said they felt uncomfortable attending the teacher’s classes.

“So, they ended up reporting that during the delivery of the English lesson to him, he passed his hands on their private parts. There are reports that he has made other victims since 2018, but no other complaint was made to the police station”, pondered the delegate. .


The investigation began almost 20 days ago. According to police reports provided by the victims’ parents, themem committed the crimes inside the classroom and, in some cases, in front of other students.

“Based on the first information, the man, who is 29 years old, and had no criminal record, carried out the crimes inside the classroom, and in some cases, in front of other students. represented by his preventive detention”

Subtitle: Civilian police captured the suspect by virtue of an arrest warrant

Photograph: Disclosure / PC

From the moment the arrest warrant for rape of vulnerable was issued, investigators went to the suspect’s house and captured him. Police say he did not react to the arrest and was taken to the Beberibe Municipal Police Station.

“Investigations are ongoing, as there are indications that he practiced this crime for about four years at other schools, as well as at an academy, where he currently also teaches jiu-jitsu,” police said.

The delegate also highlights that she believes that with the disclosure of the case, other victims will appear. According to Anna Scotti, the Beberibe Police Station is prepared to receive new reports and continue the investigation. The population can contribute to investigations by passing on information by calling (85) 3338-2590.

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