Everton Cebolinha hits back Grêmio fan: ”It’s going to take…”

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Everton Cebolinha countered a Grêmio fan who went on his Instagram to demand satisfaction from the striker who is close to Flamengo. In the print that circulates on social media, Everton Cebolinha would have lost patience with the fan.

Former Grêmio striker, Everton Cebolinha, is leaving Benfica, from Portugal, and should even be Flamengo’s new reinforcement. Mengão will pay around 14 million euros approximately R$ 74.6 million to count on the player.

However, on social media, Grêmio fans were angry with the player and his possible return to Brazil. In a print that circulates on social media, the fan calls the attacker ungrateful and ends up irritating Cebolinha.

“You ungrateful *** guy. If it wasn’t for Grêmio, you wouldn’t be where you are. Learn to value things more and especially Grêmio, which opened the doors for you. I wish you success just like Luan had at Corinthians, you ungrateful guy***”.

Everton Cebolinha received the message and had a disagreement with the fan, offending the grêmio and informing that he is not obliged to defend a single club.

“Why aren’t you going to take it on your c*? I am obliged to play in one club only. Go take it in the middle of your ass”, replied Cebolinha, annoyed.

Everton Cebolinha will be in the top 5 of Flamengo’s most expensive signings

Everton Cebolinha’s deal at Flamengo is far from cheap and this could make the player the fourth most expensive signing in the club’s history. Check out:

  • 1 Gabigol— R$97 million;
  • 2. Pedro — R$88.2 million;
  • 3. Arrascaeta — R$80.3 million;
  • 4. Everton Cebolinha — R$75 million;
  • 5. Gerson — R$59 million.

Source: Gavea News

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