“Fla was communicated”; BRL 80 million arrives at the table, Enzo Fernandez signals where he wants to play and CRF management already knows


The 21-year-old midfielder has been playing a lot of ball and fills the eyes of the red-black crowd

- Enzo Fernandez
© (Photo: Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images)– Enzo Fernandez

Flamengo is on the verge of announcing the signing of Everton Chives. Benfica has already accepted everything that was proposed and the deal is closed, just missing bureaucratic details. It is worth remembering that the striker can only be registered from July, when the European transfer window reopens.

Mengão will not stop there and think about other signings. A versatile midfielder is the priority and Enzo Fernandez, from River Plate, “fills the eyes” of many Flamengo leaders. The problem is that River plays hard and wants to fill the vault with a lot of money thinking about selling the player.

Flamengo agreed to pay BRL 12 million euros (practically BRL 64 million). However, River Plate continued to put their foot down and want more: something close to 15/16 million euros (BRL 80 million and BRL 85.3 million). A person linked to CRF has contacted him in recent days to try to reach an agreement, but he heard that Benfica is the one who is very close to buying him.

The Encarnados will take advantage of the fact that their coffers are full with sales of Cebolinha to Flamengo and Darwin Núñez to Liverpool. Enzo Fernandez agrees to go to Benfica, but wants to stay at River Plate until the end of the year, when the Copa Libertadores da América ends.

At this point, Flamengo sees that it can no longer compete by offering higher values ​​and looks at other options on the market. Thiago Mendes, tried twice in one year, no longer matters. So, the goal now is to find who can solve the problem in the sector. Several athletes are offered daily to Fla and some are analyzed.

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