Gasoline price records longest range without adjustment since 2016

Purchase Gasoline from Petrobras is paying off more than importing the fuel to the distributors. The reason is that the state company has been 95 days without readjusting the price of the oil derivative sold at its refineries, a lag that has left its values ​​more advantageous since April 25th.

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The last correction announced by the company was of 18.7% and began to take effect on March 11. The increase came two weeks after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a conflict that continues to put pressure on the price of oil.

The interval without adjustments is the longest since 2016, when former president Michel Temer (MDB) and then president of Petrobras, Pedro Parente, adopted the policy of international price parity. The information is from Abicom (Brazilian Association of Fuel Importers).

The first adjustment based on international quotations took place 166 days after the policy was adopted, in September 2016. Since then, Petrobras has never gone more than 58 days without correcting its prices.

If the company decides to correct the difference between the values ​​practiced in Brazil and in the international market, the liter of gasoline can be about R$ 0.82 more expensive.

Already diesel, which is about 16% out of phase, should be readjusted more urgently. Although the last increase took place in May, there is a risk of global shortages, which increases the pressure for a new increase.

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