Jô’s wife cries when announcing separation after lover reveals that she is pregnant with the player – Entertainment

Claudia Santos Silva, wife of Jô, former Corinthians athlete, told on her social networks, on Wednesday night (15), that she broke her relationship with the player. after model Maiára Quiderolly stated that she is expecting a child from him.

“I always say that I’m strong and brave and I need to be at that time too. I come here to tell you that I’m not Jô’s wife anymore, we broke up. Supposedly the son is his, this son will not be mine, it’s his . The responsibilities are his. I fought for my marriage and I was strong as far as I could”, Claudia began.

She said that she doesn’t feel like a loser and that she will face this phase with her head held high. “I’m not feeling like a failure, quite the opposite. I come out of this as a winner because I wrote a beautiful story, I have two beautiful children, I got married, I did everything right… everything a woman dreams of doing and having, I I had. He was the one who lost, I didn’t lose anything.”

The player’s ex asked for understanding from the followers and to stop questioning her about this matter. “Leave me alone. I’m not going to interact with you for a while, but I’m not going to disable my social media, because I have no reason to hide. I have to be here to make my life a mirror for someone’s life”, said.

At the end, already in tears, Claudia said that she will allow herself to live this “mourning”. “I’m going to face this story. I have a lot of faith in God, I believe that my children will strengthen me. Leave me alone, don’t text me, please”, she added.

Jô and Claudia have been together for almost 16 years and are the parents of Pedro, 8, and Miguel, 5. Now, the athlete says he wants to take a DNA test to prove paternity of the child that his mistress expects.

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