Juliana Caetano, from Bonde do Forró, lifts her thong butt

Success as lead singer of Bonde do Forró, the singer Juliana Caetano took the followers in his Instagram to the delirium when posting a new photo full of beauty and sensuality.

On the occasion, the artist published a daring click in which appears in a thong bikini showing off in front of the mirror. In the image, she appears all sexy wearing the minimal piece and prancing her butt on the balcony of a hotel with a privileged view of the sea.


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Although the record was published in the Instagram Stories by Juliana Caetano, where posts disappear after 24 hours and do not allow comments, the photo of the muse was reposted by a fan page, where she was surrounded by lots of praise and affectionate messages.

“This Juliana knows how to attract my attention”said a boy. “What a spectacular muse”declared an admirer. “Simply wonderful”praised a follower. “You are getting more and more babe Ju”, said one netizen. “Piece of Bad Way”fired another.

Juliana Caetano, from Bonde do Forró (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Juliana Caetano reveals erotic dream

This week, Juliana Caetano also interacted with her followers and told fans about an unusual dream she had. “What was your last dream?”wanted to know a follower.

“It was that night, but it wasn’t a very good dream, no. I was sleeping and dreamed that I woke up with a sausage hitting my face, but I don’t like sausages… It was pretty weird.”she declared, laughing.

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