“Love had already died”

Among the various topics addressed in the interview given by Simaria to the LeoDias column, published on YouTube metropolises this Wednesday (15/6), the singer spoke about the backstage of the end of the marriage with the Spanish Vicente Escrig, a year ago. With strong phrases, the singer made it clear that the relationship of love and complicity between the two was already non-existent.

“Love had already died, everything I felt (…) I came back from Spain determined not to want him anymore. Then he invited me to dinner on Valentine’s Day (…) You know when you sit at a table and don’t recognize the person sitting in front of you? I came from downtown São Paulo for about 40 minutes from the most expensive restaurant you can imagine he took me and when I arrived at my house, he stopped the car and said: “You look different”. Then I said ‘yeah, right?’ He said that anything he said would not work anymore, I said: “For sure. The only certainty I have in my life is that I don’t want you anymore”, detailed Simaria.


Marriage to Vicente Escrig

The 14-year marriage of Simaria and Vicente Escrig came to an end in 2021, after the distance between the two widened several crises. The two had two children together, a girl, named Giovanna, and a boy, named Pawel.

As Simaria exclusively revealed to this columnist, she and Vicente came to separate, even on paper, for a year, but decided to resume their marriage shortly afterwards.

Watch the full interview at the link below:

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