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Photo of the drone used to attack PT militants in Uberl
The attack caused discomfort to those present at Lula’s act in Uberlndia; some got dirty (photo: PMMG/Disclosure)

Uberlandia – The three suspected of operating the drone that dropped what was thought to be feces on supporters of Luiz Incio Lula da Silva (PT) this Wednesday (16/6), in Uberlndia, Tringulo Mineiro, did not present authorization to control the equipment. . They were even detained by the Military Police, but were released after signing a Circumstantiated Term of Occurrence (TCO). The corporation stated that, today, there were no news about what happened. The trio will need to appear at the Special Criminal Court of Uberlndia (Jecrim) on a date to be scheduled for an interrogation. The attack took place in the late afternoon, hours before Lula took a stand set up in the parking lot of the Centro Universitário do Tringulo (Unitri) to speak alongside Alexandre Kalil (PSD), a pre-candidate for the government. To target the militants who were waiting for the rally, the gang used a spray drone, used in agricultural crops.

The assault left similar marks of feces on the clothes of some. An odor that, mixing manure and urine, could be felt after the attack. The organization of the event even spread a cleaning product to lessen the impact.

Although witnesses reported a manure attack, the men who were responsible for the crime claimed to have used a substance spread on the plantations to attract flies.

Shortly after the drone passed through Unitri’s aerial space, people who were waiting for Lula’s speech followed the path of the object. The group then realized that the landing had taken place in a condominium next to the university.

First, the police arrested one of the suspects in the attack. Then two other men were arrested.

‘They like poop and pee’, says Kalil

When talking to the public who watched the act in Uberlndia, Kalil apologized for what had happened and harshly criticized the perpetrators of the offensive.

“Minas Gerais doesn’t receive anyone that way. This, here, is very new. We know how to receive with good coffee and cheese bread. They send what they like: poop and pee”, he said.

Lula, in turn, called those responsible for the crime “scoundrels”.

“A scoundrel who uses drones to throw dirt on men, women and children is not a normal human being,” he protested. “What we saw here cannot be a normal human being. I have never made an enemy in the country. The proof of this is that (Geraldo) Alckmin was my opponent in 2006; in 2022, he will be my deputy. He is a democrat”, he amended.

Despite the reactions against the attack, there was debauchery on the part of federal deputy Al Silva (Republicans-MG). Did they poop and pee on the forever damned supporters? I believe work permits would have had a more devastating effect,” she wrote on social media in a text accompanied by laughing emojis.

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