Model body washed away by wave in Rio is found | Rio de Janeiro

The body was near Prainha, in the same region as Mirante do Roncador, where Tunay was when a wave took him.

In all, 25 men were involved in the search operation.

Tunay Antunes Pedroso: swept away by a wave in Grumari — Photo: Reproduction/Social networks

The model Joci Selinke39, said that she was also hit, but that a “huge wave” knocked her boyfriend down.

“We’ve been living in Rio for a year, we’ve been there before, we know there’s a sign saying it’s dangerous, but there’s always a lot of people there and we always fish there. We were fishing, the sea was rough, but we were far away, but a huge wave came and knocked him over. We were fishing on the beach, and he asked to go to the rock. I just wanted him back,” she said of her boyfriend.

Tunay was born in the city of Tubarão, in Santa Catarina, but had lived in Rio de Janeiro for a year. In addition to modeling, he had a degree in medical radiology and completed a degree in physical education late last year.

Passionate about sports, on his social networks you can see him practicing diving, running and motorcycling.

Tunay and Joci: they were fishing when the accident happened — Photo: Reproduction/Social networks

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