Nubank is offering yields of 200% of the CDI: here’s how to get it

Nubank has a new credit card with cashback for its customers. The new Ultraviolet card is coated in metal and has no number.

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O Nubank launched a cashback credit card for its customers about a year ago. The Ultraviolet card is coated in metal and has no number. In it, the customer is entitled to 1% cashback and income up to 200% of CDIin addition to many advantages that will be offered to MasterCard Black users.

Since the beginning of this year, several customers of the digital bank report that they were receiving invitations to join this modality. However, it is important to remember that the new Nubank card began to be made available in July 2021, being gradually released to everyone.

Nubank Ultraviolet card annual fee

It is important to note that most customers who received the Nubank Ultravioleta proposal do not want to pay the annual fee for the card, which costs BRL 49.90. This is because many users do not spend the minimum amount BRL 5 thousand monthly to be exempt.

Now, Nubank’s basic card continues without charging, annuity fee or minimum amounts so that users do not pay fees.

Sought by communication channels, the fintech said that it has increased the release of the card for new customers. Regarding the Ultravioleta invitations, they will be made available both to customers enrolled in the interest list and to those who have a spending profile compatible with the card.

What are the biggest advantages of the new card?

Ultraviolet is the card MasterCard Black by Nubank. The design will not have the customer’s name printed on the metal card. It will offer some advantages to its customers, such as:

  • Travel insurance;
  • Airport VIP lounges;
  • Extended warranty;
  • Car insurance;
  • Boingo WiFi;
  • 1% cashback on any purchase, with a yield of 200% of the CDI.

Why is Ultraviolet not free?

Now, because of the advantages it offers, the card ends up not being free, serving only a part of Nubank customers.

Unlike the company’s standard card, Ultravioleta charges an initial monthly fee of R$49.90. Anyone who spends more than BRL 5,000 or invests more than BRL 150,000 in their Nubank account or invested in NuInvest, can take advantage of Ultravioleta with an annual fee waiver.

Finally, if the Nubank Ultraviolet card is not released to you, sign up for the interested list. The process is fast, requiring only a few details, such as CPF and e-mail. Then, in a short time, the bank’s team will contact you with an answer.

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Image: Reproduction / Nubank Blog

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