On Domingo Espetacular, Simaria vents about conflicts with Simone – RecordTV

Simaria celebrated its 40th birthday with a big party and also a lot of controversy this week.

In an interview with Spectacular Sunday this weekend (19), the singer reveals why the date has always been a reason for sadness for her and opens the game about the pressures she has suffered and the conflicts with her sister Simone. “We won together. But it doesn’t mean that if you won together, you have to die as a duplinha forever.”

Despite the friction, Simaria emphasizes the love that exists between her and Simone, a union that is always put to the test. “Do you know how many people have tried to break this? Every time someone tries to break this brotherhood. It’s not easy,” she confesses.

They are famous, rich and love to splurge on social media, where they show off items like diamonds in their teeth and luxury mansions. A report shows the recent extravagances of names that do not leave the media: there is even the case of a floor that cost more than R$ 1 million.

Also, the show finds victims of a handsome and seductive doctor who claimed to be terminally ill. But it was all a scam to extort money from girlfriends. One of them tells the program that it had a loss of almost R$ 100 thousand.

O Spectacular Sundaypresented by Carolina Ferraz and Eduardo Ribeiro, airs at 7:45 pm on Record TV.

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