Petraglia and Felipão try to convince Daniel Alves to become the leader of Athletico. What would be great for Tite – Prisma

São Paulo Brazil

The club already has one of the most modern arenas in Latin America.

Won the 2020 Levain Cup, which is contested between the Copa Sudamericana champion and the Japan Cup winner.

Won the 2018 and 2021 Copa Sudamericanas.

The International Federation of Football History and Statistics ranked the club tenth in the world in 2021.

It is coached by the man who won the 2002 World Cup and made Portugal vice-champion of the European Championship in 2006.

Since 2018, when it added oh to its official name, Clube Athletico Paranaense has sought to assume itself as one of the biggest in Brazil for the world.

And within this proposal, it wants the status of Daniel Alves.

The player who was officially released from Barcelona yesterday needs a club to play until the World Cup, which starts in November.

Tite wants the 39-year-old side not only as a starter, but as captain of Brazil in Qatar.

He has polls from Middle Eastern teams.

And from the United States.

With his age, big and medium European clubs close the door to the player.

Daniel Alves, before going to Barcelona, ​​dreamed of Flamengo. Age, again, got in the way. Fluminense wanted it, but there was no financial agreement.

Discreetly, Mario Celso Petraglia, responsible for the revolution experienced by Athletico, spoke with Daniel Alves. And he left the hiring wordless. But Barcelona responded to the request of coach Xavi, who played with the side. And earning the worst salary of the entire squad, he went to work for six months in the club that consecrated him to the world.

Before leaving, Daniel talked to Petraglia. He asked for his release. He managed. But it was implied that if he returned to Brazilian football, he would play for Athletico.

And that’s what Petraglia is trying to do. Convince the player to be a new asset in the internationalization of your club’s brand.

Petraglia has one more weapon to convince Daniel.

Luiz Felipe Scolari.

The two got along very well during the period in which Felipão commanded the Selection. Between 2012 and 2014, until the fateful 7-1 for Germany, at Mineirão, for the World Cup in Brazil.

Felipão needs an experienced leader, capable of controlling the nerves of the competitive team he is assembling in Curitiba.

Contacts have already started.

And there is excitement, great hope, at Athletico that Daniel Alves will accept to play for the club.

He already receives R$ 400 thousand from São Paulo, due to the termination agreement. The player’s ‘heart’ team owes about R$ 25 thousand for the termination. And it’s paying in 60 installments.

Daniel received R$68,000 a month at Barcelona.

To play in Brazilian football, he asked Fluminense for R$ 1 million last year.

Athletico is willing to invest.

Daniel Alves needs to play.

This is the only way to guarantee the dreamed-up dispute of the Qatar Cup.

And Tite would call up another player who works in Brazil, a situation that would leave his team with less rejection from the fans of this country.

The situation is heading towards a happy ending.

The statement that he would only play in Brazil through São Paulo or Bahia is no longer valid for the side.

If that were the case, I would not have negotiated with Fluminense.

Petraglia is close to another one of his dreams.

Have the player with the most achievements in world football.

Wearing your Athletico’s black and red shirt, with h…

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