Resident Evil 7 on PS Plus doesn’t have a free PS5 upgrade

Capcom has released free upgrades to the PS4 to PS5 versions of Resident Evil 7, RE 2 and RE 3. However, not all “owners” of the first part of Ethan Winters’ adventure will have access to these improvements. Those who purchased the title in the PS Plus Collection will not have this benefit.

On the PS Store, when accessing the title page, it is only possible to download the version offered in the collection. The other option is to pay R$99.50, the full price charged for the game. So far, neither Capcom nor PlayStation has commented on the matter.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
“You already own another edition” notice directs user to PS Plus redeemed games page (Source: PS Store)

This “problem” with Resident Evil 7 also happened with Final Fantasy VII Remake, offered on PS Plus, but without the right to upgrade to the Intergrade version of PS5 at first. PlayStation warned consumers right in the announcementbut at least made the update available for free months later.

Resident Evil 7, RE 3 and RE 2 upgrades were released on Monday (13)

One of the new features of Capcom Showcase was the release of the PS5 versions of Resident Evil 7, RE 3 and RE 2. The titles now have 4K/60 FPS graphics and DualSense support. See more details here!

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