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Silvio Santos commands the Press TrophyLourival Ribeiro / SBT

Published 06/16/2022 08:01 | Updated 06/16/2022 12:19

Rio – Silvio Santos presented the 58th edition of the Press Trophy this Wednesday night. The award contemplated the best of 2021 in different categories, along with the Internet Trophy. In the Press Trophy, the three most voted by the public were presented in alphabetical order to the judges, who decided the best. As for the Internet Trophy, the Internet user himself chose his favorite.

The jury this year was formed by journalists Keila Jimenez, Leão Lobo, Fefito, Cristina Padiglione, Valença Sotero, Márcia Piovesan, Flávio Ricco, Sonia Abrão, Tony Góes, Nelson Rubens and Léo Dias.

Silvio Santos also received on stage artists who were awarded in other years and, since then, they have not been able to come to pick up the statuette because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The first to pick up the trophy was Sophia Valverde, elected the best actress of 2018, for her outstanding role in “As Aventuras de Poliana”.

“Study is always very important, so we always have to have a second option. I intend to go to a college that I like, for example, fashion. But what I want and intend to continue is living on an acting career”, commented Sophia. , which is currently in “Poliana Moça”.

Then, who took the stage was Rebeca Abravanel. Silvio Santos’ daughter came especially from the United States, where she currently lives with her husband Alexandre Pato, to receive the Press and Internet Trophies for being the most outstanding presenter in 2018.

Beside her father, Rebeca said she was honored by the moment. “I came especially to receive (the trophy)”. She also had fun answering the question about what she’s been doing with her life at the moment. “I’m a housewife. I’m taking care of my husband.”

Also present at the Press Trophy was Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega. For 35 years at SBT, he came to pick up the statuette given to the program ‘A Praça é Nossa’, elected by the judges as the best humorist on television, in 2018.

Silvio Santos joked and got a lot of laughs from everyone when he said that Carlos Alberto has “his foot in the grave”, asking who will replace him when he passes away. In a good mood, the comedian replied: “Marcelo (son). Only he will be very old. I like to live”, he reported during a long chat with the presenter and journalist Nelson Rubens, who was in charge of delivering the trophies.

The next to receive the Press and Internet Trophies, now in the category of best presenter of 2018, was Eliana, who appeared with a stunning look, prepared for the ceremony, as she confided to the presenter. “I had it made especially for you. This is a meeting of millions. I haven’t seen you in two and a half years. I was dying of longing.

“I am very excited to be here, for this award, for everything. For the accomplishments as a woman, mother, professional… It’s been 17 uninterrupted years on Sundays talking to the Brazilian family and I just have to thank you. I’m so happy,” she added.

Danilo Gentili couldn’t hold back his tears during the meeting with Silvio. “I’ve never kissed your ass, but I’m going to do it today. I’m a big fan of yours. I get nervous on your side, because, in addition to being your fan, you’re my boss. So I never know if I ask for an autograph or if I’m going to get fired,” he joked before continuing. “I want to thank Silvio Santos for creating SBT and all the people who work at SBT. When I was a kid, SBT was very special in my life and today it continues to be special on another level. It’s where I work and the people I love work with me.”

“Here we work as a family. I come to work with people I love, friends of mine… Today I go out on the street and see children, adults, old people, couples saying to me: ‘I love your work. difference in my life. I come home tired, I turn on the TV and I can relax.’

The last guest was Patrícia Abravanel. “I’m representing here the entire team that works with me. In all aspects: the productions, the costume people, content, the people who do hair, dress… So many people to make me a presenter. Thank you”, she said.

Check out the winners:

Best singer

Press Trophy – Anitta

Internet Trophy – Sandy

Best Comedy Program

Press Trophy – Vai que Cola

Internet Trophy – Vai que Cola

Best Auditorium Program

Press Trophy – Silvio Santos Program

Internet Trophy – Silvio Santos Program

best novel

Press Trophy – Mother’s Love and A Place in the Sun

Internet Trophy – A Place in the Sun

Best TV presenter

Press Trophy – Renata Vasconcellos

Internet Trophy – Renata Vasconcellos

Best Actor in a Novel

Press Trophy – Chay Suede

Internet Trophy – Selton Mello

best tv show

Press Trophy – Caldeirão

Internet Trophy – Silvio Santos Program

Best TV Newspaper

Press Trophy – Jornal Nacional

Internet Trophy – Jornal Nacional

Best actress

Press Trophy – Regina Casé

Internet Trophy – Regina Casé

Best Interview Program

Press Trophy – Lady Night

Internet Trophy – What story is this, Porchat?

Best Journalistic Program

Press Trophy – Reporter Profession

Internet Trophy – Opinion in the Air

Best TV Presenter

Press Trophy – Silvio Santos

Internet Trophy – Silvio Santos

Best singer

Press Trophy – Jão

Internet Trophy – João

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