‘Simone and Simaria could become the new Gagliasso brothers’

Simaria, who has just turned 40, opened the game in an interview with Léo Dias about the difficulties in her relationship with her sister, Simone. Public disagreements between ‘colleagues’ can lead them to different paths in music.

the editor of splash Leandro Carneiro believes that Simone should not expose details of the relationship with her sister, while Simaria seems to have said what was “choked up” for a while.

Simone isn’t going to talk about it because it’s not her profile, who is a person known for being fun. I think it’s going to be safe, because discussing it publicly is not the best way for them. But Simaria must keep talking because she seems to have something in store for a long time. She overflowed and saw that she has a certain fan support.

Carneiro remembers other fights between famous brothers that did not end in harmony, such as Bruno and Thiago Gagliasso. In their case, the brothers had a breakup over political differences in 2021.

Simone and Simaria can become the new Gagliasso brothers, who fight and curse each other on social media without making the slightest question of each other. I’m sad because they’re a really cool duo and I hope they don’t go down that path.

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