Thaila Ayala shares rant about nudes that her husband, Renato Goes receives: “They can destroy a family”


The story of actress it’s about a legion of women who send pictures of their private parts for committed men

Photo: reproduction of official Instagram Thaila Ayala
Photo: reproduction of official Instagram Thaila Ayala

On Wednesday night (15th), the actress Thaila Ayalawho is married to also actor Renato Goesused his personal social network to make a rant about women who send pictures of their private parts to committed men. On video, Thaila she confesses that she doesn’t understand why a woman lacks respect for another, and she even said that she was embarrassed to be of the same race as that type of person.

“You, woman, who sends a picture of your ass, your genitals, your chest to married men, I swear, I swear to anyone who can answer me, my real curiosity is true. I think that if a woman doesn’t give herself respect or if she thinks, in short, everyone has their own business of respect, if she doesn’t respect herself and if she thinks that’s okay, mass, each one with your body your rules”said the actress in the video.

Thaila continued the outburst saying that the situation in itself is already boring, even more so when you are in the puerperium: “Now you disrespect another person who has nothing to do with it, who never disrespected you, you disrespect a marriage, you disrespect a woman who is in the puerperium, I swear I am so embarrassed to be of the same race sometimes. My God , little do they know that I see everything, that I know everything and I’m oh my God what’s going on, what an embarrassment. Please DM me, fake, but I really wanted to understand what it takes, what’s the motivation” .

Thaila and Renato are married and how fruit of the relationship had Francisco, which is six months old. THE actress used the caption space to talk about empathy between women: “In a world where we talk so much about empathy between women, about women holding hands with other women, where I believe we should be strengthening each other, believing in each other, supporting each other… makes a woman put herself in that role? And more than that, disrespecting another woman, a marriage, another woman with a 6-month-old baby, in the puerperium, is very bizarre.”

Do these people realize that they can destroy a family with this? Well, I’ve seen it happen up close… Is this really the intention that beats in this woman’s heart? Perhaps it is indeed very innocence of me, but I cannot believe that a soul pulses at this frequency! Seriously tell me I’m really curious”concluded the actress.

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