the origin of the ‘colleguinhas’ and the tension between the

Simone and Simaria are on the lips of the people. In addition to their bubblegum songs, which amass millions of listeners on digital platforms and hit radio stations across the country, the sisters have become gossip for their public disagreements.

The atmosphere is strange between the country duo, who are exchanging barbs even during presentations. But how did they get here? What is causing this tension?

Learn more about the 25 years on the road of the “colleguinhas” and the obstacles on the way they are facing:

difficult childhood

Of humble origins, Simaria and Simone Mendes were born in Uibaí, in the interior of Bahia. The duo’s father was a gold prospector and their mother worked as a laundress.

In an interview with actress Giovanna Ewbank’s YouTube channel, the singers said that their childhood dream was to have a good bathroom: “[Nosso] bathroom was made of coconut straw. I used to make the playpen to take a gourd bath. And we had the dream of having the shower,” said Simone.

Still in childhood, when they lived in Mato Grosso, the two lost their father, who was buried as a pauper due to the fragile financial condition of the family. After that, they started to live with their grandmother in Bahia while their mother moved to São Paulo in search of a job to support their children.

Our life was not easy at all, I think our history encourages people to look for something new, to start fighting. Simaria, on “Conversa com Bial” (TV Globo).

Simone and Simaria in childhood - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Simone and Simaria in childhood

Image: Playback/Instagram

Early career

The duo started their career early, after being discovered by Frank Aguiar when Simaria was 14 years old and Simone, 12. They started singing in the musician’s backing band as backing vocals.

“I went to play in a bar and there were the two little brats, dancing, beautiful and with wonderful voices. I had never thought about having backing vocals until then, but at that time it happened”, said the “keyboard dog” in an interview with “Sensacional” (TV network!).

In 2007, they left Aguiar to join the electronic forró group “Forró do Muído”, which exploded in the Northeast of the country with hits such as “Tá Com Medo de Amar, É?” and “Mind So Well”. They spent five years in the band until, in 2012, they decided to pursue a career as a duo.

Success as a duo

Simone and Simaria kick-started their careers with the album “As Coleguinhas Vol. 1”, released in 2012. Success on a national scale, however, came in mid-2015, with the release of the DVD “Bar das Coleguinhas” and hits like “Quando o Mel É Bom” and “Meu Violão E O Nosso Cachorro”. The following year, the hits “126 Cabides” and “Regime Fechado” came out to cement the presence of their peers in the national charts.

The nickname, by the way, has its origins in the bursting shows: “My mother called everyone ‘colleguinha’ and at our shows we started to say the phrase ‘go, buddy’ to make people move”, Simaria told the extinct website EGO, in 2012

The artists’ modus operandi was already established when they broke out. In 2016, Simaria already presented herself as the band’s manager, responsible for compositions, production and all the bureaucratic part that involves their brand.

I can say that Simaria takes care of everything, everything has to be her finger, I just have to sing a little more, take the money and share it just like that. joked Simone, in an interview with UOL during the recording of the “Live” DVD.

“She hires a whole team, but she is the one who says how the work has to be done. If she hires the best mixer, she has to go into the studio with him to say what she wants”, he continued.

Health problems

In April 2018, the duo faced a difficult time. Simaria spent 18 days in hospital, was diagnosed with ganglionic tuberculosis and had to leave the stage. She had already had the disease three other times, but was cured.

“My weight was 50 kilos and I weighed 42 kilos. I couldn’t hold my son in my arms because I didn’t have the strength”, he told “Fantástico” (TV Globo) at the time.

During the treatment period, Simone took over the duo’s schedule alone. After a brief return to the stage in September of the same year, Simaria had to take a break when facing new health problems. They officially returned to the stage in the recording of the DVD “Aperta o Play” in November 2018, but at that moment they reduced the frantic touring schedule.

“I wanted to thank God, he has done great things, we need to be grateful. Thank you, God, for giving me back this pearl that is my sister”, celebrated Simone in the presentation.

Last year, Simone got emotional when she spoke about the troubled period in an interview with “É De Casa” (TV Globo).

I thought my psychological was going to fail, my head was going to stop. Because I kept doing my job, but every time I stopped, I saw her in my heart. […] Six months later, God brought her back to me. The biggest gift was singing with my sister. Simone

Simone & Simaria record the DVD "press play"which marked Simaria's return to the stage after she left to take care of her health - Manuela Scarpa/Brazil News - Manuela Scarpa/Brazil News

Simone & Simaria record the DVD “Aperta o Play”, which marked Simaria’s return to the stage after she left to take care of her health

Image: Manuela Scarpa/Brazil News


This year, a new crisis began to shake the duo. This time, the audience sees a shudder in the sisters’ relationship, who are getting weird even on stage.

In April, fans were already questioning Simone about an alleged departure from Simaria. The singer, however, denied that there was any problem between the two: “Simaria has her life and I have mine! We talk almost every day. I love my ‘princess'”, she said.

In May, however, an audio of an argument between the two during a recording of the “Programa do Ratinho” (SBT) was leaked on the internet. In it, Simaria gets annoyed after being “blocked” by Simone when she makes a treble at the beginning of a song. The singer regretted being hoarse from “working hard” and “taking care of the entire administrative part” of the duo. Simone, for her part, said she was just taking care of her sister and “sparing her voice”. Simaria, however, said she was capable and insisted on doing the performance.

“So, let’s see what happens. Aren’t you so good? Let’s see what happens,” Simone countered impatiently.

After exposing what happened, the “colleagues” minimized the situation and ruled out a separation.

It’s not gossip and silly thing that will bring us down. […] We are two sisters and we love each other more than anything. simaria

Last weekend, however, the two publicly fell out again. Simaria was 1h20 late for a performance at São João de Caruaru, and Simone did the show almost entirely by herself. After arriving on stage and singing three songs alongside Simone, Simaria ignored her sister’s attempts to end the performance and insisted on singing more songs.


According to columnist for UOL Lucas Pasin, Simaria’s difficult temper has been creating a “climate” behind the scenes, and Simone is running out of patience with her sister’s behavior. The eldest, who has always acted as the “administrator” of the duo’s career, wants to explore other genres and make an international career, while Simone prefers to keep everything as she is and focus on her family.

An outburst by Simaria in an interview with journalist Leo Dias is already treated by people close to the artists as “the lime shovel” in the duo’s career, according to Pasin. In it, the singer says that the discussion at Ratinho was a “cry for help”, complained of being constantly reprimanded by her sister even for her cleavage and stated that she is “tired of a lot of work and responsibility” on her back.

Everything I’m going to do, I’m blamed by Simone. Do you have any idea what it’s like to spend 20-odd years of your life being told to shut up and not be yourself? simaria

Faced with this situation, Simone already has a certain destiny if the partnership with her sister really ends. Evangelical since the age of 6, she should pursue a career in gospel music and already has recorded praises, waiting for the release. It remains to wait for the outcome of the crisis between the “colleagues”.

Simone and Simaria have been fighting publicly and two recent episodes show disagreements - Reproduction / Instagram @simoneesimaria @joaoalmeidac - Reproduction / Instagram @simoneesimaria @joaoalmeidac

Simone and Simaria have been fighting publicly and two recent episodes show disagreements

Image: Reproduction / Instagram @simoneesimaria @joaoalmeidac

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