Tom Hanks yells at fans to protect wife: ‘Stay the fuck away’

Tom Hanks was seen leaving a restaurant in New York yesterday with his wife, Rita Wilson, and the actor ended up yelling at fans who were aggressively approaching his companion.

The 65-year-old actor, who is normally quite serene, rushed to protect his wife after she was nearly knocked to the ground by a group approaching the couple.

“Stay away from my goddamn wife,” the actor yelled as the two walked out of a restaurant in Manhattan.

Tom Hanks defends wife Rita Wilson after fan approaches - Reproduction / Daily Mail - Reproduction / Daily Mail

Tom Hanks defends wife Rita Wilson after fan approaches

Image: Reproduction/Daily Mail

What happened?

The couple were leaving dinner at a restaurant in midtown Manhattan, and a crowd had gathered around them. When a person got too close to Rita, she nearly fell to the ground as she lost her balance.

When she managed to compose herself, she raised her hands and asked people to stop. Tom then checked that she was all right, and then he addressed the crowd, shouting for everyone to stay away.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were leaving a restaurant in New York - Reproduction/Daily Mail - Reproduction/Daily Mail

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson leaving a restaurant in New York

Image: Reproduction/Daily Mail

After that, the couple quickly got into the car and drove away.

The moment came after the Oscar winner was caught struggling to contain a tremor in his arm during the promotional event for the biopic “Elvis”. At the time, fans were concerned about the star’s health.

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