“Was it the reason for the breakup with José Loreto?”; Débora Nascimento comments on a post by Thaila Ayala and the web points out alleged indirect


Débora and Loreto separated in 2019, amid speculation that the actor would have betrayed his then wife.

Photo 1: Reproduction/Instagram Débora Nascimento - Photo 2: Reproduction/Instagram José Loreto
Photo 1: Reproduction/Instagram Débora Nascimento – Photo 2: Reproduction/Instagram José Loreto

Débora Nascimento left, last Wednesday (15), an enigmatic comment in a publication of Thaila Ayala on Instagram. In the post, Renato Góes’ wife did not spare criticism of women who send nudes to her husband and highlighted that she “sees everything and knows everything”.

You disrespecting a marriage, you disrespecting a woman who is in the puerperium, I swear, I get so embarrassed for being of the same race sometimes. My God, little do they know that I see everything, that I know everything and I’m like: my God, what’s going on, what an embarrassment“, lamented Thaila.

In the sequence, the eternal Marcela de Malhação said that this kind of attitude can destroy a family and revealed that she has seen it happen up close. Débora then agreed with her friend. “You really saw it happen up close“, wrote the 37-year-old actress, with a sad emoji.

Web points alleged indirect

In the comments, fans pointed out an alleged indirection by Nascimento in relation to Jose Loreto. In 2019, the artist separated from the actor from Pantanal amidst rumors of betrayal. “Jeez, was that the reason for the breakup with Loreto? How indirect, huh, sis“, analyzed a follower.

I’ve always believed in her, no woman will end a marriage with a small baby without being sure what happened.“, posted another. “I felt the hint“, added a third. It is worth noting that, if Débora or Loreto want to express their views on the matter, Bolavip Brasil makes itself available.

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