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The owner of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, announced this Tuesday (14) that, now, who switched from Android to iPhone will be able to transfer their chat history from Whatsapp for the new deviceincluding photos, videos and voice messages, while maintaining end-to-end encryption.

However, cannot transfer call history and contacts name.

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Zuckerberg posted on his Facebook page that the feature was highly requested by users and that the iPhone to Android chat transfer was launched as early as last year.

The beta version of the feature is being released gradually and should take about a week to become available to all userssaid the WhatsApp advisory.

But to be able to make the transfer, the initial device must have Android Lollipop installed, with SDK 21 or later, or Android 5 or later, and the target device must have iOS 15.5 or later.

See how to make this transfer

  1. Download WhatsApp version or later on iPhone;
  2. Download WhatsApp version or later on Android device;
  3. install the app Migrate to iOS on the Android device;
  4. On your Android device, open the app Migrate to iOS and follow the instructions displayed on the screen;
  5. A code will be displayed on the iPhone. When solicited, enter this code on the Android device;
  6. tap on Continue and follow the instructions displayed on the screen;
  7. On the screen transfer data, select Whatsapp;
  8. tap on Start on the Android device and wait while WhatsApp prepares the data to be transferred. When the data is ready, your account of Whatsapp will be disconnected from the Android device;
  9. tap on Advance to switch back to the Migrate to iOS app;
  10. tap on Continue to transfer data from Android device to iPhone and wait for the Migrate to iOS app to confirm that the transfer is complete;
  11. Install the latest version of WhatsApp available from Apple’s App Store;
  12. Open WhatsApp and access your account using the same phone number already used on the Android device;
  13. tap on Start and wait for the process to complete;
  14. When you’re done setting up your iPhone, your conversations will already be available on WhatsApp.

To successfully pair your iPhone with the Migrate to iOS app and transfer data from your Android device, your iPhone needs to be factory reset.

Furthermore, the two devices need to be connected to a power source and to the same Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, you will need to enable the Personal Access on the iPhone and connect the Android device to your network.

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