With the Selic 13.25%, how is the income on the Nubank account?

The Copom (Monetary Policy Committee) announced on Wednesday, 15th, a 0.5% increase in the basic interest rate of the economy. The Selic increases from 12.75% to 13.25% per year, changing the profitability of fixed income investment.

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The new high affects the return offered to investors who have operations, financial investments and even a balance in their Nubank account. In practice, the remuneration for this type of product was higher.

The money deposited in the bank’s digital account or invested in the institution’s RDBs yields 100% of the CDI, an indicator very close to the Selic rate. Currently, this return is 13.15% per year.

For example: a client who invests BRL 1,500 in the Nubank account with the Selic rate at 13.25%, for a period of two years, at the end of the period can withdraw up to BRL 1,846.86. The amount already includes the discount of the Income Tax rate.

And the savings?

When the Selic rate is above 8.5% per year, the interest on savings is 0.50% per month plus the Reference Rate. Therefore, the traditional booklet currently pays 0.50% per month (or 6.26% per year) plus the Reference Rate.

Applying the same amount mentioned above in savings (R$ 1,500), the investor will have up to R$ 1,695.27 after two years. In other words: the Nubank account continues to be more advantageous, with a difference of about R$ 151.59.

Selic rate

The economy’s basic interest rate is used by the Central Bank for purposes such as controlling inflation and moving the economy. Any change in the Selic has an impact on the profitability of financial investments, but also changes the interest rates charged by banks.

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