‘A flood of water and glass came over me’, says resident of building hit by water tank | Rio de Janeiro

“My bed is under the window. Around 8 am, I was lying down, my mother, already old, had gone to the living room. I heard a crack and then a crash. my mother started screamingbecause the silo hit the top first and then came down”, narrated Michelle.

The two live on the second floor. The building has four apartments on each of the five floors.

Michelle Xavier Rodrigues, resident of the second floor of the building destroyed by a water tank — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

“A flood of water came along with glass on top of me. When I got up, the shrapnel was here in my legs”, he amended.

A security camera recorded the fall. (see below).

See the moment of the waterfall in Santa Cruz

See the moment of the waterfall in Santa Cruz

In the video, a resident can be seen running and trying to protect himself, as water and debris fall on an area of ​​the condominium. Two people had minor injuries.

The fifth floor, for example, got no roof and no side wall. There was still damage to the ground floor and 10 apartments in other blocks. Cars were also damaged.

Apartment hit by a water tank that collapsed in a condominium in Santa Cruz, West Zone of Rio – Photo: Reproduction

The cylindrical reservoir 25 meters high it’s from 60 thousand liters of capacity it was on top of a maintenance house and it gave way. As it toppled over, it ripped off parts of the side of the five-story building. The structure even folded in half.

Residents of the banned building must return this Thursday (16) to the apartments to remove personal belongings.

Water tank fell over a building in Santa Cruz — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

Two people were seriously injured in the falling water tank. Residents will only be able to enter after shoring done by the Civil Defense and the expertise of the Civil Police. A siding was put in place.

According to the Municipal Housing Department, 12 people have already been registered in Social Rent and should receive the benefit. Another six chose to stay in a hotel in Itaguaí with all expenses paid by the company responsible for building the property.

Water tank was 60 meters high — Photo: Arte/g1

Condomínio Leme II was opened in 2014, and is part of the Federal Government’s “Minha Casa Minha Vida” program. The affected building has five floors and twenty apartments.

The buildings were built by Directional Engineering company.

The reservoir was on top of a maintenance house and it caved in, ripping off the side of the five-story building.

In an advertisement, the 42 m² apartment costs R$ 29 thousand.

Caixa Econômica Federal released an official statement. He said that as soon as he learned of the accident, he contacted the construction company responsible for the work.

Mayor Eduardo Paes (PSD) was at the condominium and said that families will be registered to receive social rent while they are unable to return to their apartments.

Paes stated that he personally contacted Direcional Engenharia, reinforced that the construction company was responsible for the accident and said that the city government will inspect all the condominiums built by Direcional.

The construction company informed that it sent teams to the site and that the water tank was manufactured by an outsourced company. She also said that the box will undergo a technical expertise to identify what caused the problem.

The 36th DP (Santa Cruz) will investigate, in addition to bodily injury, the crime of collapse or collapse.

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