Ana Beatriz Nogueira exposes cancer diagnosis and new complications

Three months after the discovery of cancer, Ana Beatriz Nogueira revealed the process of tests and that she feels occasional pain

The actress Ana Beatriz Nogueiragives Globe, broke the silence after the discovery of lung cancer and spoke about his current state of health. The famous was diagnosed with the disease in March of this year and underwent successful surgery to remove a malignant tumor.

In an interview with Patricia Kogut, columnist for Jornal O Globo, Ana Beatriz Nogueira stressed that despite being considered cured by doctors, she still needs to undergo tests that monitor the time of cancer remission during the next 5 years.

“They took a piece of the organ, the entire lower left lobe. The tumor was small and encapsulated. There was no metastasis. You doctors say I’m cured, but in the case of cancer, there’s that five-year story. You have to do exams every three months at the beginning, then it will be spaced out. The treatment is to keep an eye on it and just“, said the 54-year-old famous.

Even with the favorable scenario, the Globo contractor revealed that she suffers from pain at the surgery site after some types of physical exercises.

“I do not feel anything. When I do trunk exercises, I move directly in the operated area and, therefore, I feel pain afterwards. It’s very recent. It takes time for the body to settle down. But all this is nothing close to taking a tumor and saying goodbye, without even doing chemo and radiation. What matters is that I am perfectly healthy and able to work, until further notice. There I go,” said the artist.

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Ana Beatriz Nogueira in A Place in the Sun
Ana Beatriz Nogueira in A Place in the Sun (Photo: Reproduction/Globo)

Ana Beatriz Nogueira also recalled the painful process until she received the diagnosis of the lung tumor. She told the tests she needed to do until the surgery.

“First, when a tumor is discovered, you wait to find out what it is, do a puncture… They take a piece for a biopsy. THE Waiting is crazy. And the imagination goes away. Then comes the result saying that it is evil. The world falls, the ground opens. “Oh my God, damn it, I can’t believe it.” Once you know if it’s malignant, you have to know if it’s metastasized. Go do the pet scan. This path is very hard, and you are thinking too much. When there was no metastasis, I left very happy. So, they told me: ‘It’s surgical, let’s remove everything, it will work’”said the actress who will return to the air in the soap opera ‘Todas Flores’.

Ana Beatriz Nogueira also added: “A little more time until the surgery”, she explains, who only found out after having a CT scan due to a flu supposedly caused by the influenza virus. “I haven’t had Covid until today. I got the flu. In fact, the doctor thinks it was. Because, when the exam came, the time that would show the disease had already passed. There was a time when the test was missing. The doctor said: ‘The negative is no longer useful for us, the window has already passed’. Blessed be whatever I had.”

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