Apple’s new front-facing camera is the biggest of all

In addition to the application and design features, other changes were planned for the next model of the iPhone 14. Lately, the focus of developers has been on applying more professional functions, since a large part of the public also uses their cell phone at work.

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Features such as good resolution, focus speed and quality assurance even in low-light environments received attention. There will be 6 layers of plastic in the camera that will automatically correct the color, promoting results with much more quality.

Anyone who was looking forward to a professional cell phone with great photo capacity can celebrate

The lens with a larger circumference, at f2/2, promotes excellent sharpness in video recording and the rear camera will have 48 megapixels. In this way, they thought of facilitating the production of content for social networks for influencers who work exclusively in the digital market.

The official launch is scheduled for this year, but Apple’s idea is to make some units available in a pre-sale event. The latest updates have been bolder since the launch of the 11th generation and reveal a new positioning of the brand, thinking about the needs of users.

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