Atltico draws with Cear, extends series without victories and sees pressure increase

Hulk wastes
photo: Pedro Souza/Atltico

Hulk missed two chances in the first half and almost scored in the end

Another bad game for Atltico under Turkish coach Mohamed. On Wednesday night, at Castelo, Galo managed to control Cear’s offensive sector, but was ineffective in the attack and ended up in a 0-0 draw, in a duel valid for the 12th round of the Brazilian Championship.

Turkish coach Mohamed has even been under pressure in the Atlantic. The coach unanimously in the board of Galo. The expectation was for a positive result tonight, something that did not happen. The Argentine’s future is uncertain.

The tie leaves Atltico with 18 points, in 5th position provisionally. Galo can see Palmeiras open seven points in this round. Alviverde welcomes Atltico-GO this Thursday. Ceará reached 15 points, in tenth position.

Atltico returns to the field next Sunday. Galo hosts Flamengo, at 4 pm, in Mineiro, in a clash between teams that fought for the title last year. Cear plays on Saturday, at 7pm, against Cuiab, at Arena Pantanal.

Cear x Atltico: photos from the match for the Brazilian Championship

The game

Turco Mohamed climbed Atltico with five changes for the duel against Cear. On the right, Mariano took Guga’s place. In defense, Nathan Silva returned after serving a suspension. In midfield, Otvio and Castilho were called upon to replace the suspended Allan and Jair. In front, without Svio, with COVID-19, came Rubens.

During the first half, Atletico de Turco showed many variations in midfield. Sometimes with a four-player line between Octavian and Hulk. Rubens played closer to Hulk, while Nacho floated more. At other times, the boy was moved to the sides, while Castilho retreated to play alongside Otvio. At another time, even Keno was shifted to the right side.

Despite the variation, the Atltico had difficulties in the Castle. At the beginning of the game, with a lot of pressure from Cear on the ball out, the Atletico team missed a lot of passes. The owners of the house, however, could not take advantage of it.

The first half had few chances. Cear, who had more possession of the ball, did not bother Everson. Galo’s defense managed to contain the opponent’s offensive moves well. Atltico had three good chances: two dangerous shots by Hulk and one by Rubens, who stopped the goalkeeper Vincius.

At the end of the first half, Galo had his best opportunity. Rubens received it from Nacho at the bottom and crossed back. The ball would reach Hulk, but it bounced and left the attacker’s domain, free in the area.

For the second half, Atltico returned with a tactical change. Rubens started playing on the left, Keno centered, and Nacho on the right. The changes didn’t have much of an offensive effect. Defensively, Nino Paraba started to go less on the attack because Rubens always accompanied the plays to the Atlético defence.

That’s why Turco Mohamed drew Nacho and Keno for Ademir and Sasha’s entrances. Cear grew up in the game and had some chances in long shots, but they didn’t take any danger.

Turco Mohamed also put Calebe (who started on the left and started to play centrally) and Vargas on the field. And he had good chances at the end, with Sasha and Vargas. Inside the area, both finished out.

Atltico still have two chances in the final minutes. The first, in a long-distance kick from Hulk that passed with a lot of danger. The second, in dispute with Ademir in the area. The ball passed close. And the last one, with Otvio, after exchanging passes in the area. The ball deflected and stopped on Vinicius. End of game and goalless draw at Castelo.



Vinicius Machado; Nino Paraba, Messias, Luis Otvio and Victor Luis; Richard (Z Roberto, 2/24), Richardson and Fernando Sobral; Mendoza (Erick, 1/36), Vina and Cleber (Matheus Peixoto, 2/24)

technician: Marquinhos Santos


Everson; Mariano, Nathan Silva, Junior Alonso and Guilherme Arana; Otvio, Castilho (Vargas, 39/2°T) and Nacho Fernndez (Ademir, 19/2°T); Rubens (Caleb, 2/29), Keno (Sasha, 2/19) and Hulk

technician: Turkish Mohamed

Yellow cards: Richard (38/1°T); Rubens (29/2°T); Alonso (41/2°T); Caleb (42/2°T); Fernando Sobral (48/2°T)

Reason: 12th round of Serie A of the Brazilian Championship

Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Place: Arena Castelo, in Fortaleza

referee: Luiz Flvio de Oliveira (FIFA-SP)

Assistants: Marcelo Carvalho Van Gasse (FIFA-SP) and Fabrini Costa (FIFA-SP)

VAR: Rodrigo Guarizo Ferreira do Amaral (FIFA-SP)

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