Before firing El Turco, Atlético-MG opens conversations with Renato Gaúcho; know the details

Renato Gaúcho is in the sights of Atlético-MG

Credit: Pedro Souza / Atlético-MG

Until Antonio Mohamed is fired, Atlético-MG evaluates the market and has a defined target to lead the team for the rest of the season: Renato Gaúcho. A meeting with the coach and his manager is scheduled for this Friday (17) for the start of conversations.

O found out that the name of Renato Gaúcho has the support of president Sergio Coelho and, mainly, of Ricardo Guimarães, Renato Salvador, Rubens Menin and Rafael Menin, members of “Grupo 4 R’s”, investors in the club.

Atlético-MG, first of all, also leaves on the radar the names of Odair Hellmann, of Al Wasl, of the United Arab Emirates and, Maurício Barbieri, of Red Bull Bragantino, in case of failure in the negotiation with the former coach of Flamengo and Gremio.

Renato Gaúcho, for the time being, did not participate in the preliminary conversations. The businessman Gerson Oldemburg, known in the football world as “Gauchinho”, is the one who leads the negotiation with Rodrigo Caetano. However, the agent has already updated the coach with what was discussed with the club.

The coach has been in Rio de Janeiro since he was fired from Flamengo on November 29. Renato Gaúcho never hid his desire to return to work at a top club that offered structure, financial security and a competitive squad to fight for titles.

In the meantime, Renato Gaúcho received official proposals to command Corinthians, Fluminense and Santos. In addition, he was scouted by teams from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. However, he declined the offers at every opportunity on the grounds that he wanted to rest with his family.

While it does not advance in the negotiation, Atlético-MG will still have Antonio Mohamed this Sunday (19), against Flamengo, at 4 pm, at Mineirão, for the Brazilian Championship Series A. He can be sacked regardless of the result against the Rio de Janeiro club.

Breach of contract is being negotiated

Executive director Rodrigo Caetano and the legal department discussed the resignation of Antonio Mohamed in Cidade do Galo this Thursday. Atlético-MG is now trying to find a way to dispense with the Argentine to semi-impact the club’s finances.

according to reported in May, the contract provides for the payment of US$ 2 million (R$ 10.1 million, at the current price) to El Turco as a fine. The “package” also includes the dismissal of the staff that the coach demanded to take to the club.

The Argentine’s contract has the same termination penalty for both parties. That is, if El Turco receives a proposal and if Atlético-MG wants him to stay, the interested club will have to pay a fine and if Galo dismisses it, it will have to compensate him.

Businessman Christian Bragarnik has already been informed that the dismissal may occur this weekend. The agent is waiting in Buenos Aires for a contact from the board to find out whether or not he travels to Belo Horizonte to deal with the coach’s dismissal. The resignation is now a matter of time.

Atlético-MG plans short-term contract

Atlético-MG will offer Renato Gaúcho a contract until December with automatic renewal in case of winning the Copa Libertadores da América, Campeonato Brasileiro or Copa do Brasil. The coach, in turn, wants a contract until the end of 2023.

According to information obtained by, the salary is higher than what Antonio Mohamed currently earns at Atlético-MG, but it is lower than what Cuca earned last year during his time at the club.

In the case of the automatic contract extension amendment, he will have a compatible readjustment that will place him as one of the best paid coaches in Brazilian football. In addition, the extension provides awards and bonuses for goals and titles achieved.

Lesson with El Turco

The poor performance of Antonio Mohamed made Atlético-MG close itself to foreign options. Therefore, the current scenario made the board put Renato Gaúcho as the main target at that moment.

The financial issue, the tight schedule and knowledge about Brazilian football were put in the balance. The board understands that a foreign coach would have difficulties to adapt to the need to give a short-term answer to the fan.

Therefore, names like André Villas-Boas, Carlos Carvalhal, Leonardo Jardim, Marcelo Bielsa, Marcelo Gallardo, Paulo Fonseca, Rui Vitória and Sebastián Becacecce were categorically discarded.

Galo reappears and is already training to face Flamengo. See the video!

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