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For those who are already retired, what is the investment that will bring a good return in the medium term? No Chat with Specialist, live program from UOLfinancial planner and investor Viviane Ferreira says that, for a period of four to five years, fixed income investments that have inflation protection are recommended.

“With age, we are getting a more conservative investment profile”, says Viviane.

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Longer maturity, better profitability

For medium-term investments (over four years), the most suitable are hybrid bonds, linked to the IPCA. IPCA+ Treasury bonds are a good option, according to Viviane. “It is a good investment for this moment”, says Viviane.

Other options are CRA (Certificate of Agribusiness Receivables), CRI (Certificate of Real Estate Receivables) and incentivized debentures.

It also indicates floating-rate securities, such as Treasury Selic, CDBs, LCI (Imobiliary Letter of Credit) and LCA (Agricultural Letter of Credit), which will accompany the CDI. “When the maturity period is longer, you get better profitability”, she says.

Importance of financial planning

Viviane says that financial planning is essential for anyone who wants to invest. According to her, when you have your goals well defined, you start investing according to each one of them, because you know the necessary term (short, medium or long term) for your application.

This makes it a lot easier when investing, because you have greater clarity of what type of investment you can make according to the term of this objective.
Viviane Ferreira, financial planner and investor

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