Best moments Ceará 0x0 Atlético-MG for the Brasileirão | 06/15/2022

20:54 a day ago


49′ – Fernando Sobral receives the card

20:51 a day ago

In another game of the night

47′ – Bragantino 4 x 2 Coritiba (goal by Adrián Martínez) – Final Score

20:50 a day ago


45′ – Five more minutes of play

20:49 a day ago

another yellow

44′ – Caleb is the yellow card of the time, due to a foul on Vina

20:47 a day ago


43′ – Júnior Alonso receives the card for a hard foul in the midfield

20:45 a day ago


40′ – In his first play on the field, Vargas receives from Ademir from the right, faces the goal and sends over!

20:44 a day ago

Atletico change

40′ – Vargas in place of Castilho

20:43 a day ago

In another game of the night

38′ – Goiás 0x1 Internacional (Edenílson’s goal)

20:41 a day ago


37′ – Goalkeeper do Galo is down on the field and receives assistance

20:40 a day ago

In another game of the night

36′ – Flamengo 1×0 Cuiabá (goal by Ayrton Lucas)

20:39 a day ago

Ball possession

35′ – Ceará 51% x 49% Atlético-MG

20:36 a day ago

Substitution in the visiting team

31′ – Caleb replacing Rubens

20:34 a day ago


30′ – Rubens receives the card

20:34 a day ago

Bragantino thrash

29′ – Bragantino 4 x 1 Coritiba (Natan’s goal)

20:31 a day ago

Other games start

27′ – Rolls the ball in the round for Goiás x Internacional and Flamengo x Cuiabá

20:30 a day ago

change the voice

20:28 a day ago

lack of objectivity

23′ – Both teams attack, but make mistakes in the last moves of each play

20:24 a day ago

changes in rooster

20:19 a day ago

changed your mind

14′ – Referee Luiz Flávio de Oliveira scores a corner for Ceará, but then switches to a goal kick

20:14 a day ago


10′ – After hitting and hitting in the attack area, Luiz Otávio takes the leftover, but is caught in an irregular position

20:11 a day ago

In the other game in progress

6′ – Bragantino 3 x 1 Coritiba (Igor Paixão’s goal)

20:08 a day ago


3′ – Arana takes advantage of the first shot at the entrance of the area on the left and the ball passes close to the left!

20:05 a day ago

Ball rolling again

second half starts

19:48 a day ago


Ceará 0x0 Atletico MG

19:46 a day ago


45′ – Two more minutes in the first half

19:42 a day ago

In the other game in progress

41′ – Bragantino 3 x 0 Coritiba (Hyoran’s goal)

19:40 a day ago


40′ – Richard Coelho receives the card for a complaint

19:39 a day ago

Get out

39′ – Hulk receives in depth through the middle, sprints to the middle of the penalty area and kicks with his beak. The ball passes to the left of the goal.

19:38 a day ago

Replacement in Ceará

38′ – Mendoza leaves injured for Erick’s entry

19:37 a day ago

In the other game in progress

37′ – Bragantino 2 x 0 Coritiba (Artur’s goal)

19:37 a day ago


36′ – Ceará 2 x 1 Atlético-MG

19:34 a day ago

game truncated

32′ – Both teams fight hard for the ball in midfield and don’t create many chances in the last minutes

19:30 a day ago

pressure marking

27′ – Ceará climbs the mark and presses the ball out of Galo

19:21 a day ago


20′ – Midfielder feels pain in his leg and is down, but gets up soon

19:17 a day ago

exit Everson

17′ – Goalkeeper do Galo leaves the goal to take a punch after a cross from the left

19:13 a day ago

In the other game in progress

12′ – Bragantino 1 x 0 Coritiba (Hyoran’s goal)

19:11 a day ago


9′ – Striker is down for a while, but gets up

19:06 a day ago

Get out!

5′ – Hulk receives from Nacho from the left, dominates at the entrance of the small area and sends it over the goal, after a deflection!

19:01 a day ago

whistle the referee

Roll the ball at Castelão!

18:27 a day ago

Ceará lineup

18:26 a day ago

Atlético lineup

18:09 a day ago


At 19:00, the ball will roll at Castelão. Stay tuned for game details with us.

01:592 days ago

How and where to watch Ceará vs Atlético-MG live

In addition to real time here at VAVEL Brasil, the match between Ceará vs Atletico MG live will be broadcast by SporTV and Premiere FC

01:542 days ago

When is the Ceará vs Atlético-MG game and how to follow LIVE?

01:492 days ago

direct confrontation

01:442 days ago

Atletico MG likely lineup

01:392 days ago

rooster embezzlement

01:342 days ago

Vozão’s probable lineup

01:292 days ago

Ceara embezzlement

01:242 days ago

last round

01:192 days ago

Atletico MG situation

01:142 days ago

Ceará situation

01:09 2 days ago


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